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Losing your teeth creates physical, emotional difficulty in your life. Dentist, Dr. Rupinder Kaur understands these concerns. Dr. Rupinder Kaur with North Pointe Family Dental can offer a range of treatment options for replacing missing teeth including dentures and partial dentures.

At North Pointe Family Dental, we have found that dentures and partial dentures improve a patient’s quality of life by restoring confidence, chewing and oral health.

Types of Dentures

Full Dentures

Full dentures are used to replace all of the upper or lower teeth. Dentures can either be fixed or removable. Fixed dentures, also called implant dentures, are anchored by dental implants.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures offer a number of benefits compared to removable dentures including:

  • Better retention
  • Improved health of bone and gums
  • Ability to eat without restrictions
  • No adhesives needed
  • Natural Look and Feel

Partial Dentures

Where full dentures replace the entire lower or upper set of teeth, partial dentures are used to replace various missing teeth. Like full dentures, they can either be fixed or removable. Partial dentures are similar to a dental bridge. If the partial denture is fixed, it is either secured in place using dental crowns or dental implants.

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